December 8, 2018

Land Logistics

Whether public or private sector, Triple A Multistreams LTD will provide you with professional, reliable support services to meet your development needs.

In choosing Triple A Multistreams LTD, you will be provided a full range of services:

  • Consistent, professional performance
  • Advocacy for our clients, not merely acting as hired consultants
  • Substantial professional experience in the planning, development and environmental fields, on both sides of the counter
  • Ability to address the most complex of land development, political and policy issues
  • Credible, results-oriented, representation of your planning and development interests
  • Innovative, creative approaches to problem-solving, responding to client needs and interests

Land Transportation
Transportation of all types of goods from anywhere in the country. Large and small with the oversight of the operational staff of Triple A Multistreams LTD facing multiple complex tasks at a given time with skill and responsibility.

Storage Services
storage and handling services as well as providing logistic solutions to all types of cargo and containers.

  • Supplying a complete package of services to importers and exporters.
  • Long and short term logistic and storage services


  • Handling and storage of hazardous materials
  • Cargo conveyance by truck.
  • Terminal for empty containers

Triple A Multistreams LTD will attend to all accommodations of project employees related to the project, arriving to Nigeria.

Leasing of offices
We have existing agreements with all major real estate agencies

We are able to supply offices in all sizes at all levels according to contractor’s requirements

Leasing of Apartments / Houses for all abroad contractor companies that will take part in the operational aspects of the project, include :

  • Finding  suitable apartments/ houses/ Villas for your employees and their families if required
  • Furnishing and appliances  from A to Z
  • Cleaning Service / housekeeping

Triple A Multistreams LTD will be responsible to coordinate and execute the various transportations, as per company’s’ request.

  • Meet & Greet
  • VIP escort from/to  the aircraft
  • Airport transportation
  • Bus transportation to and from the site

Car rentals
Triple A Multistreams LTD shall hire required vehicles,  We have existing agreements with all  the major car rentals in Nigeria  Enabling you to enjoy our rates and benefits for all cars categories.