November 16, 2018

Marine Logistics

Marine Logistics

  • Antipollution services,
  • berthing and anchorage arrangements,
  • brows, gangways and platforms construction/maintenance,
  • bulk carriers and break bulk vessels,
  • bunkers,
  • cleaning services,
  • cold and frozen storage,
  • commercial freight and storage,
  • conveyor belts,
  • crane services (crane truck, platform, shore and floating),
  • marine survey,
  • emergency maritime services coordination,
  • expendable and consumable items,
  • container service,
  • forklift,
  • fresh water service,
  • fuel tank cleaning,
  • garbage service,
  • hazardous and medical waste disposal,
  • hull cleaning and painting,
  • janitorial service,
  • mail and courier services,
  • marine terminal operations and intermodal management services,
  • material management



  • Towage and salvage,
  • tugboat and barge chartering,
  • vessel operations,
  • port operations,
  • vessel transiting,
  • discharging and dry-docking,
  • waste oil collections,
  • water taxi service,
  • Yacht cleaning services.



Passenger services, provisioning and supply, repairs and inspections, representation, residual asset management, salvage, security service, ship chandlery service, ship repair, tools and equipment supply, manpower supply.